dimanche 7 septembre 2014


HO hey it  was a pretty hard month to me. I'm actually moving house to live in a flat with my friend Kuraiden (hey serious shit here ) and I have to talk about my birthday party, wonderland themed that happend on the 31 of July. Buuuuut My bff got my polaroid and always forget to gime them back sooo It has to wait.

And I have really serious shit to talk about here. Like. I went to "Rock en Seine" A big french fest with various music. Artic monkey was there this year for example but also DIE ANTWOORD.

Anyway Now I'm on a big big BIG die antwoord phase and I'm listening to Donker mag (their last album ndlr) and now I saw them talking about NY's fashion week so here we are:

Here the link where you can watch Alexander Wang's show, where Ninja & Yolandi are, not hard to spot Ninja especialy on the end of the show~

I also fin that:

It was funny to see them bitching about Nicky Minaj on Twitter and all.
I found also some olf pics of old show they went and it's quite interesting! 

Anyway I don't really like Alexander Wang's work. But hey did you see Zana Bayne's one?

jeudi 7 août 2014


As my day off are thursday / friday most of my post would come down these dayys I guess. Anyway I xent to the Memphis restaurant with my bff Charlie.
The decoration of the place is aweessoommeee and food is cool, I took a tapas plate and THE MOST AMAZING MILKSHAKE OF MY LIFE.
I hope I'll taste the burgers next time!
here some dumbery:

BLBRLBRL anyway. anywayyyy. I told you about that perfect piece of cloth in the last post. Here it is:

I remove the tail and the second piece of pink and lace. So here my outfit!

I reakky love that outfit I tryed to make it more "romantic grunge" that "sexy" anyway I guess it kind of worked.

I shop with my friend Audrey, I bought a new smartphone, (instagram & snapchat gat me), I find a perfectly cut little false hedgehog for my mom to the mother's day!

I went to the thrift shop of the city and I found some of the cutest bibies

I open the box "washed" them and named them.

 So welcome to Karl, Moriarty, Walter and Gontran!

bybyyyyeee see you next week ♥

mercredi 23 juillet 2014

Lasts snaps I liked

Girl on the left -obviously- AND THAT E-T TEE + little cute bow + cool hairstyle

Still left the combow short+skirt all perfect +the bagpack

idk I don't really each part appart but it seems everything's really fit 

perfect? + over transparent dress? bbbbbrrrrrrr

Color combooooow+ that weird transparent sweater? omgg

HAIR. + hidden tee. and clothes shape.

- Ode au sacs à dos -
Why do I love bagpacks? Because it's just too cool to be true. 1) it hurt your back a little less than hand bag 2) that little childlish/adventurer side THAT YOU CAN'T DENY. it's that simple. nothing make your outfit a bit "adventurer" for an "adventuring day" that a BAGPACK. plus Bagpack can contain wa much adventuring things like a knife or water bottle and all. PLUS secret pockets.
I said it.

samedi 19 juillet 2014


Hey I didn't post in a while because I worked a lot at my job and all...
I also hung out everytime I as the time to. I see some old friends, Fanny and Coline, that I use to have no time to see in a while..

We end up at a really weird exposure about comics. There was several spots where you could print the casino game comic on a bying tickett, and where you have to pedal on an old bike to read the comic, or open/close/open/close an old fridge or pin a voodoo doll or hit th wall with a flyswatter.

I also went in Paris on the firsts days of july. I was cool I saw friends That I also didn't saw in a while and we thrifted and went to the bubble tea it was cool!

And please help I don't know what to say about this?

And we find out this amazing Vespa

(this could be my future blog's name)

I made some interesting art.

And saw this! Super collector flamingo!!

mercredi 18 juin 2014

We need to talk about kevin

Last day I watched "We need to talk about Kevin" on Arte. I heard about this movie several month ago and then forget about it. BUT ARTE REMIND ME.

So I watched it.
I watched the first part with my mother and she didn't liked it. Because "I don't like this kind of movies)

vendredi 23 mai 2014

I went to Deyrolle!

First of all I went to Paris for two days. I arrived very late at night after my dayjob. Then I had two days in town with my boyfriend having school. So I had hours for making things alone or with my friends~
The first morning ( thursday morning ) I walked for like two hours and saw some cool things:

I went to a really weird and glaucous pastry stuff shop like very old and dark.

Then I bought some kawaii stationary and than I went to some thrift shop. I definitly wouldnt exhort you anymore to go to kiloshop because it became crazylyy expensive.

So I went right next to kiloshop (after I saw some 30€ denim short in the kiloshop) and find the most amazing piece of cloth of my life. (I'll post an outfit with it in my next post)

Then I ate with my friend Maelle♥ on the dock of the Seine. After that we went to THAT great place. The Deyrolle shop. it was amazing! Downstairs it just a simple gardening/bookery shop. But. Upstairs. It's becamin crazy.
Any french people know the expression "Cabinet de Curiosité", wich totaly suit this shop.
So it was a taxydermy shop with many animal, a shell corner and an Insect on.
Most of the animals were really expensive. But to me this is how it has to be. Expensive. So maybe people would take care of it. like a piece of collection, not like an object.

Anyway I learnt that the shop gets on fire last year and they made out an art book of that, with all the burned animals and all.
That was a really special great Idea I guess.

The next day I went with Maelle to the "Tatoueurs, tatoués" exposure. It was very about all the past history of the tattoo, I really liked but I wish there was a little more big part for all the contemporary tattoo.

Next, Maelle went to school and I went to Montmartes to meet my friend Manon! We walked a lot we went to a little thirft shop and WE GOT A FREE BEN AND JERRY'S and we sat in front of Montmartres to talk. She took me to a little shop of gemstone but it was time to go to the train station to go back with Martin to see Maxime le Forestier's concert with Martin's family


 Cute outfit for mnon with PERFECT SLIM LIKE SKIRT/DRESS.

Outfit for a hot day to me the pantie and croptop are from forever 21~

lundi 12 mai 2014


The other day we went in Nantes with my friend Charlie to see Laurine, we drink at "le lieu unique" where an art exhibition took place. Then we ate at a Libanese restaurent. That was a great time, we talked a lot about our plan of making a big partie this summer for our 20's with Charlie.

For this day a made a whole new outfit with my new denim top! I also didn't mix ever those tee x skirt!
I was kind of proud!

I pull my tee to make the writing just fit in that place!

 and also here my crown under the Sunlight!

Huhuu Laurine with a perfect derpface, she weared an amaaaziing really big top, and just can't describe it but it was perfect. Her shoes was also really perfect.

Weeelll About the art exibit, that was from "JÉRÔME ZONDER" an artist that make really weird art, always in black and white as I saw. Sometimes its drawings are childlish sometimes gore, but always chocking here two of his art that I saw:

All of this was exposed in big little hours shaped like in kid's drawings, with little square window or even in a drown wood. The masterpiece was the portrait of a little girl. It was huge like twice my height.
I really liked.

Anyway I go to Paris on thursday and friday to see my boyfriend and as he have to go to school, I'll have plenty of time to visit things so I'm quite impatient!