mardi 8 avril 2014

"Du future faisons table rase"

On the 29th of March we went to an art show named "Du futur faisons table rase" made by Théo Mercier (the guy who create spaghettits monsters and many freaking things).

This show took place in Creteil's exposition "Exit". There was many big, cool and interactive things and we really had fun!

The first project was at the begining this would represent the world and population's evolution, this was also about germs (in the round boxs you can see), crossed by a light that color the "world" .
I find it totally awesome!

There were things with mirrors and amgnifiying glasses, and a wonderfull thing that projeted a multiplicated and colored video of you on a wall.
There were a thing that looked like a circus whit kaleidoscope projeted all over, of the actual huge movable kaleidoscope that was inside (here a picture of maelle's hand inside)

Also spiral sound and wind, and a translator between your voice and a eletrical moontain (you words where translated in electrical sound by something turning on and turning off everything). A box with dark windows all around and there was a rock band playing inside for 6 hours a day and they just saw themself in the window while we could watch them in the eyes (I don't know if I'm expressing myself correctly hahaha *sigh*.

The last was puppy robot that mooves and laughs in reaction of the light (that was actualy really creepy)

Then the show. I wanted to se it because of Sexy Sushi (because I really like this band since I saw them in Nantes last september). The show was totaly crazy, there was disctincs parts. It starts by a futuristic, humanoide, nazy Mouse that explained us how awesome was the "future", but not so awesome at least. And then a kind of fat Mary Antoinette who was eating so much cheese with a lackey, and some message about world's history comming here and there.

Suddenly  a kind of a parody of a sexy sushi concert begin, it was noisy and dirty as usual but different. We were watching it, then some people get up, and then it was the end. Everyone goes back to there place.

Then a kind of Appolon act, sing, moove like a greekstatue, that was the strangest part.
 (and then we applause for a very very long time)

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  1. L'affiche est vraiment sympa. J'adore le côté trash-gribouillé.