mardi 8 avril 2014

Let's it begin

So here I decided to start a new blog. Because the last one is going nowhere since a year or more and because everyone change (and designing a new blog is pretty exiting) so here we are.

Do I have to introduce myself? Not reallyyyy shhhh I'm Mollie / Adèle a twenty something french girl who believe in glitters.
I guess I'll talk mostly about what I do in my life with my very cool friends and you'll see hoow awesooommmeee is my life, hahem.

Anyway I guess it would be about some thrifts shops, things I buy, diy, zines, pictures I take things I think and plant I grow in my bedroom (actually pumkins and catnip) and also what's inspiring me.

I'll try to post an article a week at least maybe mooooore

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