mardi 29 avril 2014

Room tour

I told you I wanted to make a room tour post so heeeere I am.
As you'll see it my room is colorfull and

I love puting tons of things everywhere, for many people it's too much but not for me, This room is like my inside, I put what I like everywhere.

I also love candles, and thrift a lot, I buy books and I find this dog under a trash in Paris, poor little puppy...

I collect shell shaped things, you can see them in the pictures I took!

My boyfriend built me this miror, inside you can see yourself as people see you, not like a simple miror, thats so cuuuute (and magical blbll)

I put my instax pic in those books, and I fill this perfume bottle with saint water.

This is the best candle I have (the mushroom) and I decorate the bottle myself

Rings, hairpin and pins and my nailpolish all over it

My beloved Slim

My boyfriend bought me this lamp for my 19' birthday, I really love it (even if the american electrical outlet don't match in my french house)

Next to my bed

Over my bed

These are from my first tattoo, and my first hand pocked tattoo, I keep them I love it.

I find all of this while thrifting and to be honest hawaiian music is just truly awesome.

My accessorieees

Butterfly from etsy (I guess I won't buy any other because it's kind of sad) the little dress is thrifted and I found the flower crown on the floor in Paris.

The end. I'm kind of very impatient to share a flat and DECORATE IT SO MUCH, you can't even. I have so much things, I love having those things I'm sad when something's broke..
I hope you like and find those pictures kind of inspirating ♥

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  1. la chambre trop parfaite mooow, moi quand je met des choses partout partout, ça fait bazar j'arrive pas :(
    c'est vraiment trop trop trop trop beau, j'adooore, c'est si toiiii