vendredi 11 avril 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I saw "The Grand Budapest hotel" several weeks ago with my Best Friend Charlie. I won't talk about the story, because I don't really find it that good at all (but not that bad hey!). Anyway I guess it's all about the visual and it totally satisfies me.

I've decide to bought the really big poster of the film before seeing anything of the movie. Just because the Hotel look totally awesome and surreal. I put it right in the top of my bed head. It's Majestic.

The weirdest thing I find about this movie, while a family dinner I told my cousin that I wanted to see it and the first thing they told me is "this movie really rule the communication" and that's right. There were poster all over bus's stop in Nantes and so on. And even now 7 weeks after, it's still diffused in some cinema. Anyway.

After a little research you can actually find that "The Republic of Zubrowka" nor "The Grand Budapest hotel" does really exist (woooow what a news).

 But  it's  really  inspired  by  "the spa city 

None of the movie happen there but it was  apparently a great source of
inspiration for Wes Anderson.

Many scenes of the movie were shot in a studio with a green background and weird shaped place for more camera possibility. I just find it crazyly interesting.


There is a big thing in this movie about Mendl's pastry (that doesn't either exist ). Anyway many people tries to make theire own kind of Mendl's "Religieuses":

I guess there are the one that look the most like the movie, if it doesn't come from the actual movie.

I Guess I'll try too. but anyway here a like for a tutorial of thoses, and even a tutorial to make Mendl's Van shaped cookies.

Ho and about the famous pain of the movie, Michael Taylor paint it for the movie. It was inspired by Renaissances's paint style.

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  1. Wuuu on dirait une photo d eLife Aquatic a deuxième en bateau là :o
    J'ai adoré ce film aussi, je m'attendais pas du tout à un truc aussi beau, j'avais pas du assez tilter que c'était de WES ANDERSON en fait ???
    Mais oui il est tellement inspirant. Je suis jalouuuse de ton affiche maintenant D:

    1. Maiiis oui laaa film parfaitement beauuu huhu *viens d'avoir l'affiche de Moonrise Kingdom par Charlie*

    2. KE
      Chanceuse des affiiiches uhh