mercredi 16 avril 2014


During january and February I didn't had any job. My last ended at the end of December, and this on was so hard and not having a job put me so down. That was an hard time for me. Anyway then in March I Start working at the job of my mother. So basically I work for big brands like Ikks, Gaultier, and so on. I count zip, buttons, patch, and all for like 200 piece of a teeshirt in 3 size or a dress or legging or jean. And I pack them. This is kind of interesting, I see many different things, and some really cool like 50€ swarovsky piece (for kid's jacket LOL) and many other cooooool things. But it also can be boring as hell with bitch/dumb co-worker. And some 500 little of a 2000 pack that fell on the ground and so on. For my next job I will work with the familly of my boyfriend in a cool snack, that's a really good thing and I hope it would be great. I'll make the waffle and club sandwichs and cake and allllll that will be greaaaaat (I'm a bit exiting about it. I'll make some new article about my day with Laurine and Charlie I swear but anytime I want to take a pic of my pola the light is too bad (aw).. And I may also make a room tour because I quite like my room even if it's waaay tooo smaaall... And I also want to talk to you about the amount of zine I received lately!

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