jeudi 7 août 2014


As my day off are thursday / friday most of my post would come down these dayys I guess. Anyway I xent to the Memphis restaurant with my bff Charlie.
The decoration of the place is aweessoommeee and food is cool, I took a tapas plate and THE MOST AMAZING MILKSHAKE OF MY LIFE.
I hope I'll taste the burgers next time!
here some dumbery:

BLBRLBRL anyway. anywayyyy. I told you about that perfect piece of cloth in the last post. Here it is:

I remove the tail and the second piece of pink and lace. So here my outfit!

I reakky love that outfit I tryed to make it more "romantic grunge" that "sexy" anyway I guess it kind of worked.

I shop with my friend Audrey, I bought a new smartphone, (instagram & snapchat gat me), I find a perfectly cut little false hedgehog for my mom to the mother's day!

I went to the thrift shop of the city and I found some of the cutest bibies

I open the box "washed" them and named them.

 So welcome to Karl, Moriarty, Walter and Gontran!

bybyyyyeee see you next week ♥