dimanche 7 septembre 2014


HO hey it  was a pretty hard month to me. I'm actually moving house to live in a flat with my friend Kuraiden (hey serious shit here ) and I have to talk about my birthday party, wonderland themed that happend on the 31 of July. Buuuuut My bff got my polaroid and always forget to gime them back sooo It has to wait.

And I have really serious shit to talk about here. Like. I went to "Rock en Seine" A big french fest with various music. Artic monkey was there this year for example but also DIE ANTWOORD.

Anyway Now I'm on a big big BIG die antwoord phase and I'm listening to Donker mag (their last album ndlr) and now I saw them talking about NY's fashion week so here we are:

Here the link where you can watch Alexander Wang's show, where Ninja & Yolandi are, not hard to spot Ninja especialy on the end of the show~

I also fin that:

It was funny to see them bitching about Nicky Minaj on Twitter and all.
I found also some olf pics of old show they went and it's quite interesting! 

Anyway I don't really like Alexander Wang's work. But hey did you see Zana Bayne's one?