vendredi 25 septembre 2015

Anything new?

Hellooo Anyoooone, juste a little note to tell you that I'll post again (I hope). So little Update.
I ended up failing my art history / archeo lesson at Nantes's Univ. With no surprise. The amount of new information to work + my job at the bar every weekends litterally killed me. So at the middle of the years when I saw my grade sheet I just stop tryin. I still went to cool lesson but just stop.
Also I ended up the relation with my BF since 5 years and it was for the best. Also I decided to start art Univ so here I am in Rennes with 2 new roomies in a new flat (yes I'll post pics of it).

Anyway I decided to take all that back. I guess I'll mostly talk about what I do / visit/ watch / read / prepare / listen / anything else.
So be prepared.

Also Maybe most of my post will be in French now And I'll put a little sumary about it at the end what you think about that?